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tv   Leader Pelosi Accuses President Trump of Being Anti- Immigration  CSPAN  September 6, 2017 12:52pm-1:27pm EDT

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people know and they don't know any other country as a home. so i think there's a serious humane issue here that needs to be dealt with. but it's only fitting and reasonable that we also deal with some of the root causes of this problem because what we don't want to have happen is another daca problem in 10 years. we want to make sure that we fix this issue for these kids, for these young people, and address the root cause of the problem so we don't have the same thing 10 years from now. that's totally proper. so i do believe that there is ay mice to be had here. do i believe that -- a compromise to be had here. i do believe that congress, and we're going to work with members so we can bring resolution to this very legitimate problem. thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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ms. pelosi: good morning, everyone. good morning, everyone. thank you all for being here. we wanted to be on the steps of the capitol and we will do this again soon and we will do it constantly until we have the dream act. it's an honor to be here with the senate leader, chuck schumer, with the champion on this issue, with the chair of the hispanic caucus in the house, congresswoman michelle lujan grisham. of new mexico. senator dick durbin, who for at least 15, 16 years has been a champion of the dreamers. the he first introduced this
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bill in 2001. even before 9/11. congresswoman roybal-allard who has been a champion on this issue and now serves as the ranking democrat on the homeland security committee where she, again, continues her work to be vigilant. protecting our dreamers. we have newcombers to the of ress, senator harris california. representative castro of texas. slightly newcomber. of nevada. cortes we all agree that president trump's decision to end daca is a despicable act of political cowards a. cowards a squared because he gave the announcement to his attorney general, instead of just making the statement himself. and now he says congress should act.
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he has overturn what had president obama did because it sn't constitutional or legal -- constitutional or legal -- thank you. but if congress doesn't act, he will do that. constitutional and illegal as he may consider it to be. as i turn over to our special guest here, and i'm so pleased that so many members of the house and senate are here, let me just say this. president trump is the first president in 30 years, let's just go back to range, we can go back further -- reagan, we can go back further. president reagan not only acted, he acted after congress acted. and he said, congress didn't go far enough. so he and president -- then to become president george herbert walker bush, did the family fairness agenda. to do more than congress did. president clinton followed
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suit. president george w. bush was a great immigration president. and we know that president obama is a great leader, especially concerned about our dreamers. so this is the first president in modern times, in the lives of these dreamers, who has been anti-immigration. rejecting the idea that immigration is the life blood of our country. the constantness of america and every newcombe who are comes to america with hopes, dreams, aspirations and optimism and courage makes america more american. and that -- in that spirit, i'm pleased to yield to the distinguished democratic leader of the senate, senator from new york, chuck schumer. mr. schumer: thank you. thank you, leader pelosi. it's not great to be here. we wish we didn't have to be here. but be here we must. and i want to thank the congressional hispanic caucus for organizing this event. and all of my colleagues in the
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senate who i would like to mention, if i can see them all, senators klobuchar, van hollen, erkley, udall, heinrich, blumenthal, warner, he's tall. [laughter] anyone else? modestly in the back. let me say this. i want to cut to the chase. the president's decision, the president's decision to end daca was heartless and it was brainless. if this order stands, hundreds, hundreds of thousands of families will be ripped apart. tens of thousands of american businesses will lose hardworking ploles. we're talking about folks who were -- employees. we're talking about folks who were brought here as children through no fault of their own. they may have -- thank you. they may have known no other country but ours. and have voluntarily registered themselves with the government
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in order to live, work and give back to our great country. they represent no threat to the country. in fact, in so many ways, the dreamers represent the best of our country. they want to get right by the law. by serving in the military. going to our schools. working at our companies. contributing to our society. paying their taxes. they risk and sometimes give their lives to protect others in this country. overseas as members of the armed forces, and here at home, like alonso gillan. a daca recipient who died last week trying to save others from the unprecedented flood waters in texas. so make no mistake, dreamers contribute greatly to our country. to our businesses. to our economy. a recent study by the center for american progress found that 91% of daca recipients are employed. they this -- paying taxes, paying into social security.
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the same study found that ending daca would drain $433 billion from our national g.d.p. over 10 years. and even the libertarian cato institute estimated that ending daca would cost employers nearly $2 billion over two years. it's no wonder that 500 business leaders of america are up in arms over the president's decision. now, i'm glad that some republicans in congress have voiced their opposition to the president's decision. because we're going to need them to right the ship. congress has an ability and obligation to act. which is why we today are calling on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to immediately put the dream act on the floor for a vote in the house and senate. [applause] we're ready to pass it.
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i am confident that if put on the floor, it will garner overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle. but let us say this. and i think i speak for the leader as well. if a clean dream act does not come to the floor in september, we're prepared to attach it to other items this fall until it passes. applause] now it's my hopor to turn it over to leader -- honor to turn it over to the leader of the hispanic caucus, pesh sell lujan grisham of the great state of fm in, both of whom senators are ere. ms. lieu an grisham: i want to tang the sfat and house for they are incredible, fearless leader is on what i at this is a hallmark issue our time, which is making sure at that american values play out productively by protecting dreamers and their families many you're going to
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hear it over and over and over again because the president's decision to end daca stands as an indefensible and unjust act of cruelty against near re 800,000 young people -- against nearly 800 toud people who trusted the government with their hopes o, contributions, and dreams. many of us, particularly coming from new mexico, no stranger to the issues of immigration, no stranger to the issue of mixed status families. i have to tell you i remember like it was yesterday the first time i met with dreamers over lunch. i really, hearing it from them directly, that they don't know that this is not their country. rightment until they apply for a driver's license. or they go to collegement and in one fell swoop -- college. and in one fell swoop, everything they know to be true, everything a country they believe in, support, fight for,
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immediately is removed from them and their entire families. yaz min, one of my constituents, is a law school graduate who wants to be an immigration lawyer. she wasn't aware about her status until she applied for a driver's license. for many dreamers in addition to having it ripped away, here's o another emotion. they are ashamed. they feel their potential was cappedment they feel fear for themselves. and as important they are afraid for their parents who risk everything to protect them and give them a better life. the they feel this overwhelming burden of -- they feel this overwhelming burden of being undocumented. daca changed all that. it unlocks their potential. it frees them from the crippling fear of deportation, as a result these young patriots have been iving the american dream and
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they have commib gains for cities, states, and our nation as a whole. we're fortunate to have yaz min and -- yasmine and her sister who has taken a leave of absence from medical school to advocate for her community and the woman who inspired her the most, her mother. who, in fact, saved both their lives by coming. no, he don't think -- i'm here to tell you that the president and congressional republicans that dreamers' lives are not bargaining chips. we should not be using them as pawns and further a twisted and cruel and hateful anti-immigrant agenda. congress must and will act quickly to protect dreamers and immigrant families from this senseless cruelty of deportation and the president's divisive mass deportation agenda. i call on my republican colleagues to immediately bring a clean dream act to the floor
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for a vote without delay where we believe unequivocally, would pass both the senate and house. [applause] it is now my distinct honor to interdues someone this node to introductionment someone who's long been a champion from the great state of illinois, for immigrant families, dreamers, for comprehensive immigration reform, it gives me great honor and great pleasure to ask senator durbin to give some remarks. [applause] senator durbin: thank you very much, michelle. it's an honor to be here today. president trump told us we love dreamers. and yesterday he announced that we love dreamers, but we're now going to deport dreamers. the countdown clock began yesterday with the trump administration. a six month clock that says to the 780,000 protected by daca, your protection is going away.
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the protection that keeps you in this country without fear of deportation. the protection that allows you to workment yesterday, the attorney general of the united states of america sworn to uphold the constitution and laws of this nation, announced that he would not use the power of his office to protect those who are currently in the united states under the daca program. there was a smile on his face many for those of us who have followed his career in the senate, it was no surprise. he has never, never supported the dreamers. he has never supported comprehensive immigration reform. and it's one of the reasons that many of us could not vote for him to be the attorney general of the united states. the president gave him this task of making this announcement, and then he turned it over to chris, secretary of state of kansas. and president trump's appointment to a voter fraud commission who said that those who were protected by daca should leave the country, leave
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the country. that's their answer. i know what happened across the united states. there was a moment there when these dreamers and their families were in tears. hugging one another wondering what's coming next. what will be next in our future. i know something else from my experience, when i introduced the dream act, and i would go to audiences in chicago, with jan schakowsky and robin kelly and louis gutierrez, and we would talk about the dream act, the students would listen and nod their heads. i would go outside to my car and in the darkness as i went to get in my car, standing next to it would be two or three young people many they would look in both directions and say to me very quietly, senator, i'm a dreamer. the reason they whispered it was because they had been raised by their families to be extremely careful never let anyone know who you are, where you are, that you are undocumented. that's what their first reaction was. but did you notice what happened next? the dreamers started standing
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up. showing the kind of courage that all of us hope we can muster today. they stood up and said we're dreamers and we're proud of it. and we want to tell you who we're. i started going to the floor of the senate with color photographs over 100 times to tell the stories of these dreamers. each one of those stories really made the case for why we need to make sure that justice is served when it comes to daca and the dream act. i stand here with the confidence that these dreamers and their courage, their families and their courage are behind us. and now it's time for us, members of the house and senate, to summon the courage and to fight for them and pass the dream act. are we ready to do that? of course we're. [applause] i would say this to president trump. if you love the dreamers, help us pass the dream act. i would say to the republicans in congress who were not swept away by the anti-immigrant
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rhetoric which we have heard over and over again, stand up with us and let me spell out a few them who have and give them considered as readet for it. first my colleague, lindsey graham, republican of south carolina. my co-sponsor of the dream act. and three others, three other republican senators who have come forward so far deso the credit, too, lisa murkowski, jeff flake, and yesterday corey gardner. we need eight more republican senators to stand up for the 0 votes we need to pass this in the senate. i am heartened by the fact that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi have made it clear our caucus is committed to the dreamers. we're committed to justicement and we're demanding that we pass a clean dream act this september, this year to protect these dreamers and generations to come. thank you for letting me say a few word today. let me turn it over to my friend, congresswoman roybal-allard. take it awayment ms.
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roybal-allard allard: thapping you, senator. stand here in outrage at president trump's unconscionable and un-american decision to destroy daca. and i join my colleagues who are here today to declare our commitment to fight and defend so these young men and women who enrich our economy, our culture, and our society. the president's decision simply to appease his base brings shame to our country and heartbreak and fear to these young people who, regardless of their immigration status, are american in every way. his senseless and cruel decision upends their lives and the lives of their families and sends a chilling message to our immigrant communities. terminating this program also
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strikes a vicious blow to our american economy. by forcing hundreds of thousands of young people out of the work force, disrupting businesses, and sending adverse shock waves through the economies of most of our state. alifornia alone stands to lose $11. million annually, and the u.s. overall stands to lose $460 billion in g.d.p. cumulatively over the next decade. the vast majority of americans, as we have all been told and as we know, support our nation's daca recepents regardless of their political affiliations. democrats are ready to join our republican colleagues in passing the dream act of 2017, which i'm proud to co-sponsor with
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congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen. this is a bipartisan, bicamera bill that will allow u.s.-raised immigrant youth to earn lawful permanent residence and a pathway to american citizenship. i as others have said urge all my colleagues to support the dream act and i urge speaker ryan to bring a clean, a clean dream act to the floor without elay many delay. -- without delayment now it is my pleasure to interdues a relatively new member of the california u.s. senate, senator harrisment [applause] -- harris. [applause] senator harris: thank you.
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i'm honored to stand with my colleagues on the house and senate side. i would like to also mention the leadership of the congressional black caucus stands here in solidarity with our dreamers. it should be of note that in 2010 unanimous support from the c.b.c. for the dream act. we've got to stop playing politics with these kids. the reality is that rescinding daca is simply wrong. we're talking about a population of 800,000 young people. we have 220,000 in california alone. let's be clear about the dynamic which we're discussing this. i have met with senior members of this administration who, when i asked, had to confess they never met a dreamer. how can you form such strong opinions about people you have never met? people you don't know? and then allow this population of people to be vilified?
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it's not only wrong, it's irresponsible. so let's get onboard with the facts before we start expressing opinions about this population of people we have called dreamers. they are serving in our military. they are working in fortune 100 companies. they are college studentsment they are law students. they are scientists. let's be clear, 40% of the industry in terms of even tech in california was created about immigrants. let's stop vilifying this population and let's get to work also understanding that this is about not only what is morally right, it also is about what is economically right. to rescind daca means to lose as many as 700,000 jobs in the united states. because of the jobs that are created around this population.
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in california alone, if we rescind daca, we will lose $11 billion. and we're looking at hundreds of billions of dollars for the economy as a whole for taxpayers if we rescind daca. so there are many reasons to stand with our dreamers. including the fact that we're talking about young people who were brought here, many as toddlers. this is the only home they have known. to send them back to some country that is foreign to them, where they may not even speak the language, is just wrong. let's give them the ability to be all that we know we're as a country, which is we're a nation of dreamers. we're a country of people who know that we aspire to have a country of young people who want to develop themselves and help our country produce and be the greatest country on this earth, but we will be only if we stand by our principles and morals and
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ideals of who we're. let's pass this. let's get it done in september. i thank everybody for your leadership and senator durbin, particularly you, thank you. [applause] next, congressman castro many congressman castro: thank you, senator, for your inspiring words and thank you to all my colleagues in the senate and house who are fighting on behalf of dreamers today. let's be clear about something. america is blessed to have these 800,000 young people in our nation. this is their home. it's the only home that many of them have ever known. and as president obama said, they are just as american as any of us except in one way, and that's on paper. and our challenge in congress is to make sure that that one difference is no longer. and the dreamers that are here, i want to say a message to you all. first, thank you for your
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courage. thank you for standing up when times were tough. thank you for fighting for your families. know that we're going to fight like hell so you can stay here. and the reason we have gotten to this opponent, the reason there was a daca, the reason that we came close on comprehensive im gration reform -- immigration reform was because of the inveryible youth movement 10, 12 years ago and all the energy and passion that went into it. i'll tell you what, there are many people in congress ready to do the right thing and pass a dream act. we're going to fight to do that. but there are also folks over the last several years who have said about daca that they agree with it, but it should have been done legislatively. to those folks i say now is your chance. and to those of you that have been marching on the streets for years, some folks here are going to need a little more inspiration. and the most powerful movements in american history have not come from the top, have not come from people in politics, but have come from people, ordinary
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americans, who have changed their country for the better. it's going to take us being out on the street, in our churches, workplaces, americans speaking out letting politicians know how they feelment may god bless you. thank you. [applause] now it's my honor to interdues the senator from nevada, atherine cortez mass trow. >> let me just add, you heard from my colleague, first of all, thank you to leader pelosi and schumer, thank you to all of you or being here today. let me just say, because people ask what would you tell the dreamers? i would tell them you belong here because that's what this is about. we have all met with these members, these kids, these families in our communities the they are not numbers. they are real people
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contributing in our communities. i will tell you to a t, every single one of them i met with, they are working hard, they are putting themselves through school, they are paying for it. they are going home to help their parents with their jobs. they are committed to doing everything that they can to be an integral part of our communities and they are not getting recognition for that. let me just say thisment these kids are phenomenal. and the ones that i have met with are too afraid to even tell their story because they are afraid to come forward. they are afraid when they leave that home that day, when they come home, their parents may not be therement i don't know about all of you but i did not grow up that way. and why, why would we put kids and families in our communities who go to our churches, in our grocery stores, who are in our schools, who are our neighbors and friends, why would we make them live a dual life? why would we treat them differently? what we're doing here today is
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saying enough. it is time to pass the dream act. it is time to talk about the benefits of immigrants in our communityment i am here today because -- community. i am here today because my father and great grandfather and grandfather had the currently to come to this country. my story is no different than anybody else's. why do we shut the door behind us? it is time to keep that door wide open many it's time to pass this act. let me say one final thing which i hear constantly. there are over 12,000 dreamers in nevada alone. they contribute over $500 million to the state of nevada and our economy. you have heard the statistics. that if we're to deport them and their families, we're to lose $1 billion, billions of dollars in this economy. that's why businesses support it in my state and across this country. that's why the farmers, can cattle ranchers, you name it across this country support passing comprehensive immigration reform and keeping
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these families here. but let me throw this out here because this is a misnomer and this is not a true fact. the dreamers here are contributing to our economy and they are not depressing wages and they are not taking away other's jobs. i'm telling you that right now. [applause] we have proof. in nevada alone, in nevada alone, not only it a republican governor pass legislation to allow dreamers and these families to have a driver's license to get to their jobs, we passed a law to allow them to become teachers in our communities because we know we have a teacher shortage across the country. that's what this is about. so it's time for president trump and those men that i hear on tv to really show heart and work with us to pass the dream act. it is time to stop the discrimination, the divisive rhetoric. there is no room for it in the
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white house. there is no room for it anywhere. it is time to move forward. i cannot thank you all enough for being here and thank you to my colleagues across -- both houses of congress. we're to get this done and we're not going to stop fighting until we make this happen. so thank you for coming here today. [applause] ms. pelosi: i thank all our colleagues, distinguished visitors from the united states senate, to my colleagues in the housement we did pass in the house the dream act in 2010 under the leadership of the congressional hispanic caucus. today again under the leadership of congresswoman lujan grisham, the caucus is taking the lead. but they are working with our asian pacific american caucus and the leadership of judy chew -- chu and congressional black caucus. and i do know one theng in the senate they passed comprehensive
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immigration reform. we passed the dream act. one couldn't -- we couldn't pass each other's. now is the time long overdue to get it done. i know if our whip steny hoyer -- where's steny? steny hoyer has his way, we will have 100% of the house democrats voting for this. thank you for that. thank you-all very much. [applause] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit]
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>> sunday night on q and a, the founder and c.e.o. of open the books, on how taxpayer dollars are spent and the need for government transparency. >> we have audited their checkbook for the past four years, the department of veterans affairs, last summer we found that during a period where up to 1,000 sick veterans died while waiting to see a doctor, that the v.a. spent $20 million n a high-end portfolio many so 27-foot christmas trees costing the amount priced like cars, $21,000 many it's sculptures priced bike five bedroom homes. two sculptures for $00,000 procured by a v.a. center that serves blind veterans. it was a rock sculpture with landscaping for $1.2 million many this is the type of waste that's in our government. >> sunday night at :00 eastern
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on c-span's "q&a." >> c-span, where history unfoles daily many -- unfoles daily. in 1979 c-span was create as a public service by america's cable television companies and brought to you at this by your cable or satellite provider. >> the u.s. house is if recess so members can attend a closed door meeting on north korea. earlier approved $7.85 million rereef. ane harvey also for removal of degree. $450 million has been setaside for the small business administration for that agency's disaster loan program to assist small businesses and homeowners.


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